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Waves - This artwork responds to the current size and timing of the wavesin the Atlantic Ocean. 2009
Caution - This artwork responds to the current networked devices, such as cell phones and laptops, in its vicinity. 2009
Cart - A metal shopping cart converted into a mobile interactive audio/visual instrument. 2009
Box - A small cardboard box converted into an interactive instrument. 2008
Text - Audience members are asked to contribute to a performance by sending text messages. 2008
Every Step - Every Step allows a participant to create a short experimental animation while they walk. 2008
Cycles for Wandering - Cycles for wandering is a project that mixes a pleasurable bike ride, real-time image manipulation, locative media and user participation to create a short experimental video. 2007
Transfers - Transfers is a project exploring real-time generation of art and user participation in a mobile environment that allows a passenger of a taxi to generate a unique piece of art by giving the taxi driver directions. 2005
La Media Naranja Project converts traditional music instruments, used in the Americas, into audio/visual instruments.
MPG: Mobile Performance Group - MPG: Mobile Performance Group is a collective of new media artists interested in finding new ways to present art outside of traditional venues. MPG disseminates their work by using automobiles, video projection, cell phones, FM transmission, wireless hotspots, and any other technologies that allow artist to engage the public. 2004 - ongoing
Events - An ongoing collaboration between Matt Roberts and Nathan Wolek using custom video and audio software instruments. Events is a meditation on the Florida Landscape, which is realized as an improvised new media performance. 2004 - ongoing
DropBox - DropBox is a performance collaborative organized in 2001. Using video and audio software instruments in real-time, the duo micromanages original and found material via loops, non-linear equations and other processes. 2001-2003
A New Movie -An application that uses daily mouse movements to create a new edit of Bruce Conner’s “A Movie”. 2002
Conner Times Ten -An application that uses daily mouse movements to create a new edit of Bruce Conner’s “A Movie”. 2002
Landscapes -A series of prints, real-time performances and installations inspired by the Florida landscape. 2003