Matt Roberts is a memebr of DropBox which is a performance collaborative organized in 2001. Using video and audio software instruments in real-time, the duo micromanages original and found material via loops, non-linear equations and other processes.

+Duct Tape+

Using only Duct Tape as material, DropBox pulls, rips and stretches the tape to create a real-time performance. Above is a document of a performance for the SubTropics Festival at PS742 in Miami Florida 2003.

+Alpha Beta Disco: Godard Remix+

DropBox "flattens" Godard's film "Alphaville" (1965) into a static multimedia database containing every scene, line of dialogue, sound effect and orchestral score cue. These materials are organized according to character, location and formal qualities. A 45-minute real-time performance/remix is realized solely using this database.

DropBox's live performance represents an alternate, spontaneously improvised, non-narrative interface to Godard's original work reproduced as a film.

DropBox relies on a primary improvisational tool "the remix" while performing with software of their design. DropBox blends elements from the "Alphaville" database with an abstract formal logic, rather than pursuing a narrative drive. DropBox cuts and pastes, overlaps and overlays, compresses and expands, filters, re-sequences and links multimedia data into new musical/visual formations.

+The Soft Bits+

Using only materials found in the "virtual" scenes from the Disney film "Tron" (1982), DropBox creates a multimedia database of 3D landscapes, animated characters and synthetic sounds. After organizing the database according to various formal characteristics, DropBox creates a new interface to the computer world of "Tron" via a real-time performance employing original software instruments. "The Soft Bits" stretches and expands the world of "Tron" into beams of colored light and staccato digital pulses--a meditation upon the primary language of our technology.